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Spark 2.5.8

Free Streamlined Email Application for Personal Computers

Although email is an important component of our daily lives, it can often be difficult to manage and collate countless inbound and outbound messages. Spark is a PC-based application that has streamlined these processes through embracing an intuitive and user-friendly approach. This can be a great package for small business owners and anyone who receives a large number of messages on a daily basis.

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  • by Anonymous

    I havent Server . Respected sir. I havent server. but 8 pc is connected with lan. and spark require server. how to create account. what should i do ?

  • by Anonymous

    Getting started. I have downloaded the client but I have no idea how to get started. There is no documentation and no on-line assistance. I am looking for a Jabber based IM for my business but cannot evaluate this product as I have no idea where to start. Anyone help? Pros: None. Cons: No Help. No documentation. No advice

  • by Anonymous

    Spark. I liked the plugin called is an efficient way to communicate with people. But I have a doubt.Now I am invoking spark y double clicking its icon.Suppose i write one program and in that there is an icon for chat.Whether the spark chat window will be invoked by clicking that icon which is in my application. Is there any source code for this functionality?