Not bad

*Spark is a highly-integrated app for your Android phone that describes itself as a geo-aware, socially integrated, interactive set-top box.

Any idea what that means? Nope, us neither! What *Spark does seem to be is a multimedia application that allows you to make your home screen as useful as possible, replacing the traditional home screen and combining weather, news updates, social media and your phone’s normal functions - like calling, texting and surfing the web.

Many of *Spark’s features are already available on your phone - what the app does is bring them together in one central area. You can add and remove the elements that make up the home screen - and tweak other configuration settings - but you can’t modify individual elements within the features. For example, you can enable or disable news headlines, but you can’t pick what type of headlines you want displayed.

*Spark is currently in beta, so it’s not the most polished of applications. Some of the features seem unfinished, and even though the test phone was supposed to be fully supported, the app was undoubtedly unstable. The*Spark interface seemed unprofessional and jumpy, and on several occasions, the app unfortunately crashed.

A certain amount of instability can be expected with beta applications. Unfortunately, as it stands now, *Spark just isn’t interesting enough to put up with its considerable teething problems.



*Spark beta 1.0.1

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